TRICO® PRO protects forests and agricultural prosperity

Protection against browsing, rubbing, and debarking.
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A naturally sourced repellent that effectively repels deer, elk and moose

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Effective plant protection for farmers and foresters

Protect yields and reduce the need to replant trees, saving time and conserving resources.
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Protect Your Harvest

Effective control of damage to vulnerable, deer attractive agricultural plants.
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Green Frontiers: Forest Revival

Learn more about how our products support reforestation and tree nursery solutions.
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Meet us throughout the year at various events and fairs.
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Proven Effectiveness and Efficiency
Protection against Browsing, Rubbing and Debarking. Effective plant protection for farmers and foresters.
Proven Protection. Lasting Defense
The Gold Standard in Agriculture and Modern Forestry Management. Get it from the official US distributor Helena Agri Enterprises, LLC
Protect Your Harvest
Advanced Solutions for Agricultural Prosperity and Forestry Management. Contact your local dealer for more information on TRICO® PRO.
Allow Crops to Grow Undisturbed
Protect Yields and Reduce the Need to Replant, Saving Time and Conserving Resources. Advanced solutions for agricultural prosperity.
Safeguard Your Seedlings, Shrubs, and Christmas Tree Farms from Wildlife Browse, Rub or Debark. Natural protection from seedling to mature tree.
Events & Fairs
Meet Us Throughout the Year at Various Events and Fairs. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We are Kwizda Inc. - Your Strong Partner in Biological Plant Protection


Leverage 90 years of experience

Agriculture and forestry face numerous challenges. In the future, it is more important than ever to achieve good yields with gentle and biological plant protection products. Therefore, we are committed to developing proprietary products that are 100% biological solutions.

Benefit from our strengths:

  • Family-owned company with over 90 years of experience in plant protection and plant nutrition
  • Decades of internationally recognized experience in formulating plant protection products
  • Comprehensive expertise in the development and registration of biological plant protection solutions and products
  • In-house production with the highest quality standards
  • Local advisory team in the US for agriculture and forestry

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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