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TRICO® PRO Product Video

TRICO® PRO is a natural repellent that effectively repels deer, elk, moose and rabbits. It utilizes dual modes of action, targeting both the animals’ sense of smell and taste. TRICO® PRO provides efficient and reliable protection, eliminating the need for frequent application.

FieldLink Podcast Episode 49

Explore how to combat the U.S.'s growing deer population and its impact on agriculture in Episode 49 of the Helena FieldLink Podcast. Dr. Michael Cox introduces TRICO® PRO, Helena’s latest deer repellent, offering vital insights for protecting crops. 

American Academic Studies

A short introduction into the research of TRICO® PRO, supported by NCCTA Funds & Kwizda Agro. 

Kwizda Agro Corporate Video

In 1926, Kwizda Agro was founded in Austria and now extends across the world. With our innovative drive and nearly one hundred years of experience, we continue to provide safe and effective, trendsetting plant protection products produced with the highest standards.

TRICO® PRO Product Tutorials

Tutorial 1: 

Filling the Backpack Sprayer

Tutorial 2: 

Treatment Against Wildlife Browsing

Tutorial 3: 

Treatment Against Rubbing

Tutorial 4: 

Treatment Against Bark Stripping

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