The alternative for deterring browsing by deer, elk, moose and rabbits.

In Europe, hunters and foresters have long used sheep wool as a repellent against deer. However, its application is labor intensive, time consuming and the protection is short lived. Seeking to overcome these issues, Kwizda Agro sought an alternative and the idea of using ‘sheep fat’ as an active ingredient was born. Through our expertise and experience in developing effective and innovative formulations, Kwizda Agro took ‘sheep fat’, the active ingredient in TRICO® PRO and created an effective deer repellent.

Proven effectiveness and efficiency.

With more than 70 field trials, over 20 years of commercial use, and registered in 21 European countries and North America, TRICO® PRO uses natural ingredients to deter deer and other unwanted animals from summer and winter browsing, antler rubbing and debarking damage to agricultural crops, trees, shrubs, nursery seedlings, ornamentals and turfs. It targets the senses of taste and smell, producing long-lasting protection after a single application.

TRICO® PRO discourages damage by deer, elk or moose. Its dual mode of action creates both a scent and taste barrier. Residual repellency up to 6 months.

Formulated to start working upon application. Water resistant once dried. Dries odorless to humans. Long lasting protection with a single application.

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TRICO® PRO is a natural repellent that effectively repels deer, elk, moose and rabbits. It utilizes dual modes of action, targeting both the animals’ sense of smell and taste. TRICO® PRO provides efficient and reliable protection, eliminating the need for frequent application.

Benefits of TRICO® PRO


Effective on deer, elk and moose

  • TRICO® PRO prevents browsing, rubbing and debarking without harming the deer population
  • Based on a tried and trusted Foresters repellent, TRICO® PRO brings ‘Innovation from Tradition’



  • Use on crops, seedlings, forests, ornamentals, turfs
  • Ready to use spray product, quick and simple to apply
  • Suitable for all terrains, wherever one can carry a knapsack sprayer


Wildlife Deterrent

  • Dual mode of action: Repels by scent and taste
  • Apply Year-Round: Long lasting protection with single application
  • Reliable & Rainfast: Excellent rain resistance provides long lasting protection


Naturally Sourced

  • TRICO® PRO is a sustainably sourced natural active ingredient
  • Non-Irritating odor to humans
  • Formulated to ensure excellent compatibility that is safe to both humans and animals


Gold Standard in Forestry

  • TRICO® PRO is a highly effective repellent
  • Proven in over 70 field trials 
  • 20 years of satisfied customer use
A modern tool for forest management

TRICO® PRO protects forests and agriculture from deer, elk and moose damage.

Effective Protection
Natural protection against browsing, debarking and rubbing
  • TRICO® PRO is a true success story. A deer repellent developed to provide foresters and farmers with the right solution to protect their trees and fields against browsing, antler rubbing and debarking damage.


  • The specially designed formulation of TRICO® PRO, provides long lasting protection. TRICO® PRO effectively repels game through taste and smell. TRICO® PRO can be applied year-round. The weather resistant formula starts working upon application.


  • TRICO® is registered in 21 European countries and North America. With 20 years of commercial use TRICO® is the European market leader.
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