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Mark Boardman 
Technical Field Expert Western Region, Kwizda Inc.
Email: m.boardman@kwizda.com
Phone: (406) 880-1979

With over 34 years of forestry experience, a deep understanding of forestry practices, and a commitment to excellence, Mark plays a crucial role at Kwizda, providing technical expertise and guidance to support the company's operations and objectives. His wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience make him an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring Kwizda remains at the forefront of the industry.

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Kevin Chatelain
Business and Market Development Consultant, Kwizda Inc.
Email: lachiefllc@gmail.com
Phone: (501) 258-6953

Experienced, knowledgeable and with extensive understanding of the crop protection industry, Kevin brings over 40 years of experience in the crop protection, vegetation management and forestry markets to the Kwizda team. Respected in the industry, Kevin previously served as Strategic Account Manager at Helena Products Group where he worked with internal and external partners to expand the specialty product line as well as managed a technical research team that generated product support information from research trials.

For Kwizda, Kevin is responsible for managing the relationship with Helena Products Group as well as training Helena salespeople on TRICO® PRO and conducting TRICO® PRO technical presentations with Helena customers.

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A modern tool for forest management

TRICO® brands protect forests and agriculture from deer, elk and moose damage.

  • The TRICO® brand is a true success story of Kwizda Agro. A deer repellent developed to provide forest owners and forest workers with the right solution to protect their trees against browsing, antler rubbing and debarking damage.


  • The specially designed formulation of TRICO®, provides long lasting protection. TRICO® effectively repels game through taste and smell. A single application lasts for up to 6 months. Effective in all seasons, TRICO® can be applied year-round. The weather resistant formula starts working upon application.


  • TRICO® is registered in 21 European countries and North America. With 20 years of commercial use TRICO® is the European market leader.


Industrial Forestry

TRICO® PRO is a product that assists the large-scale forester to reach their reforestation targets. In areas with high browsing pressure, this product can protect tree species that are preferentially selected by deer, elk and moose.

TRICO® PRO’s long-lasting protection reduces the effort and expense when compared to fencing strategies. 

Nursery Trees

Discouraging browsing by deer, elk and moose can also conserve native species in conservation settings.

Applying TRICO® PRO in the nursery ensures your customers trees are protected from the moment they are planted while saving application costs in the field.

TRICO® PRO is suitable for spring and autumn planting.

Corn growing protection

TRICO®  ensures that crops can grow undisturbed.

Deer damage of agricultural crops has increased in recent years. Red and roe deer will browse on emerging corn crops.

Ultimately, this will lead to missing plants, an uneven crop and will influence yield.

An application of TRICO® over the full field or at least 70 foot wide perimeter around the field will discourage deer from browsing.

Grape vine protection

TRICO® protects vines against game browsing.

In vineyards, early plant growth is especially susceptible to damage caused by deer.

Game browsing can retard plant growth, which can have long-term effects on yield and quality. In severe cases, a young vine may require replanting.

Using TRICO® any time before flowing to deter deer from browsing the foliage.

Soy crop protection

Due to its high protein, content soy crops are a particular favorite for foraging deer.

Growers in high deer density areas have switched to other crops, like sorghum, to minimize the ingress of deer.

TRICO® allows those growers to move back in to Soybean production.

Exploring Effective Deer Repellents
Insights from the Holt Research Forest Study


Article by Kelly French

This article provides in-depth information on TRICO® PRO as an effective deer browse repellent. Discover innovative strategies for managing deer impact on forest regeneration. Find out more about the Holt Research Forest Study. Learn how TRICO® PRO effectively protects red oak seedlings in Maine. For detailed results and insights, click to read the full article.

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